Episode 4

Andy Plax & The Future of Cloud-based Campaign Management Systems


August 7th, 2019

18 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

    <p>On Episode 3, Andy Plax joins the podcast to talk about how cloud-based data management systems are used to give agencies a competitive advantage.&nbsp;Chris and Andy talk about experiential and field marketing campaign data management systems, how they’ve changed, and where they’re going.&nbsp;</p><p>Across this two-part series, Chris and Andy talk about…</p><ul><li>How brand expectations for experiential data and insights have changed over the past 10 years and what drove the demands we see today for real accountability and actionable data.</li><li>The most common challenges new teams or agencies have when it comes to making a commitment to centralized data collection and processing.&nbsp;But also, the huge upside for those who work to overcome these challenges.</li><li>The role of AI and machine learning in experiential data.&nbsp;Is it a back-end data processing tool for greater efficiency or is it a front-end solution for greater insights?</li><li>And Andy gives us a little insight into where things are headed for the MainEvent platform and what we can expect to see in the years to come.</li></ul><p><br></p><p>You can read more about Andy and the team at NetworkNinja online at <a href="https://networkninja.com/" target="_blank">https://networkninja.com/</a> and read about MainEvent at <a href="https://maineventsoftware.com/" target="_blank">https://maineventsoftware.com/</a>.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>